Buy Used Engines and Used Transmissions

Buy Used Engines and Used Transmissions

It's no secret, engines and transmissions can be very expensive. If you have a problem with yours, you may be avoiding the repair altogether because of the costs. Used engines and transmissions can help you save 40%-70% vs OEM prices and provide a very high quality, durable product with a great warranty.

Salvage yards sell the engine and transmission out of nearly every vehicle they purchase. They account for a lot of the demand in the market for used auto parts in general. Defects and returns on used engines and transmissions is very low if the product has been installed according to the manufactures guidelines and TSB's.

Don't be afraid to purchase a used engine or transmission from a trusted source in the automotive salvage community. Make sure you get good warranty, some salvage yards will even offer labor protection warranty for more peace of mind and total insurance against any issue. So save the money on your engine and transmission repair and give Central Auto Parts a call!